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EPN Knowledge Transfer Project is Launched

As EPN moves determined to realize its vision, we are working on one of our primary objectives – facilitating knowledge transfer to Ethiopia. Needless to say, Ethiopia is among the top African countries suffering a high rate of brain drain, which is resulting in severe professional skill gap. On the other hand, the Ethiopian professionals in The Netherlands possess very valuable expertise that can be channeled to alleviate the skill gap in Ethiopia. That is why EPN has formed a highly motivated team dedicated to champion this cause. And the knowledge transfer team is already taking crucial steps. Some of the potential knowledge transfer areas have been identified in consultation with the relevant Ethiopian institutions.


One of our exciting upcoming projects is knowledge transfer to Ethiopian universities. A recent study shows that Africa generates less than 1% of the world’s research. Evidently, Ethiopian universities are struggling to deliver quality research partly due to shortage of skilled research supervisors. This project aims to alleviate this skill gap by involving interested EPN members in co-supervision of (masters or Ph.D.) university students in their research projects. The project also encompasses delivering relevant courses (trainings) to the universities; as well as facilitating partnership between Dutch institutions and Ethiopian universities. We are pleased to announce that we are actively working with some Ethiopian universities to start a pilot program this year.

In addition, the Ethiopian government has identified a list of prioritized sectors for knowledge transfer from The Netherlands. EPN’s knowledge transfer also endeavors to address this prioritized areas, which can be undertaken in different forms, such as providing trainings, working on projects, and establishing partnerships between Dutch and Ethiopian institutions. In this regard, we have had alignment discussions with both the Ethiopian embassy in The Netherlands, as well as the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Ethiopia that is coordinating the knowledge transfer initiatives.

Overall, EPN is gearing up to expedite knowledge transfer to Ethiopia! And we count on you as members of EPN to volunteer for this noble cause. Surely, this is a great opportunity for you to inspire students and professionals back home, as well empower Ethiopian institutions to achieve more. We believe that you will embrace the opportunity.

So why wait? If you are not a member of EPN yet, register to become a member. If you are already a member, you can also send send us an email at to show your interest to take part in this exciting journey.

Together we can make a difference!

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